About Margaret Ravenel, CARP

I took a journey from recovery to discovery.
I like to be able to help them communicate with their family. I want to provide families with the knowledge that there are other treatments out there for animals.

Margaret Ravenel, CARP, has always had a deep sense of compassion and healing. With a background in sociology from the University of South Carolina, Margaret is interested in how cultural and social structures shape and are shaped by human actions and consciousness.

Seeing and understanding the connection between personal experiences and broad social forces influenced her varied career choices as life and family took her all across the United States, with significant time in Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA. Life’s challenges helped Margaret realize the important communication between the mind and the body.

Returning to South Carolina, Margaret never quite felt she was where she needed to be until a conversation introduced Margaret to the idea of energy healing with horses. As Margaret began to explore this possibility, an intuitive seer and mentor recommended she pursue Reiki. Acquiring her Reiki 1 mastery, Margaret began working at the Rein and Shine Equestrian Center, an equine therapy facility with programs for individuals with a variety of physical, emotional, social, and/or cognitive disabilities. Margaret decided to pursue her Animal Reiki Mastery in Georgia and Florida.

Now, I need to do something that's core to my heart and core to my foundation. And I think they're interchangeable: passion and purpose. They go hand in hand. If I don't have passion, then I don't have a purpose. If I don't have purpose, I don't have passion.

I prefer working with animals for several reasons. I have empathy and a curiosity about animals. Since I'm not a dog or a cat or a horse, I am also intrigued with the difference in their anatomy, with their physiology, with their behavior: their behavior in the herd, their behavior alone. They don't talk so it challenges my brain a little bit more to try to solve the mystery. At some point, I can feel their energy moving even before I approach them. The energy can feel hot or cold, or the energy can be vibrating.

When the animals are incorporated into a human family, I like to be able to help them communicate with their family. I want to provide families with the knowledge that there are other treatments out there for animals besides traditional veterinarians. Animal Reiki will allow families to communicate with their animals for treatments and how their animals respond to different treatments. Animals have a different way of communicating and a different way of healing. Animal Reiki will teach families to look for different things that they may not have learned to look for with traditional medicine. That is a huge mission: to help the pet and the family bond together and with that nonverbal communication, they can learn one another.

Focusing on the deepest levels in need of healing, Margaret works not only to help animals physically and emotionally, but she also endeavors to bridge the relationship and communication between animals and their human families.